My name is Thomas Mitchell. I live and grew up here in Little Rock Arkansas. Here where I live, I’m surrounded by beautiful scenery and nice wooded areas. As a child I was a very outdoors type of person. My father would take me hunting and we would go on camping and fishing trips as often as possible. Being out in the wilderness became almost second nature to me. I loved thearkansas sounds and the smells of the out doors. My favorite thing of all was to see the wild life that was all around us. It would give me a great feeling of peace and joy. Eventually I began to focus a┬álot on the types of birds I would see. I still remember the first time I saw a falcon in the wild. As I grew older my love of bird watching grew. Over time I have been able to travel and see different types of birds all over the place. My goal with this site is to educate and entertain people with stories and info about all types of birds. At the same time I hope to spread awareness about the importance and safety of these beautiful animals.red_tailed_hawk