Red Tail Hawk

The red tail hawk is probably one of the most common birds in the country.¬†They can be found almost every where you keep your eyes open. This was one of the first birds I remember seeing as a child. This is also the one that really got me interested in ornithology. For those of you that don’t know what ornithology is; it’s basically a fancy way to say bird watching. Bird watching can also be referred to as¬†Though red tail hawks are very common it does not make them any less special or important. Let me give you some advice on how to identify one in the wild. Red tail hawks are larger birds. They will be very broad and have rounded wings. They will also have a shorter wide tail. They will also have a fairly specific color pattern. Most will be a rich brown color with a streak on their under-belly. Their tail will also have a sort of cinnamon red kind of color. Hence the name, red tail hawk. They are usually birds found in open country areas. It is not uncommon for you to spot them circling an open field while they hunt for their prey. Unlike falcons that swoop down when hunting prey, the red tail hawk will attack much slower. They use a controlled dive with outstretched legs to catch their meals. Another way to identify a red tail hawk is by the distinct sound they make. They will have a raspy scream much similar to how the raptors in the Jurassic Park movies sound like. In fact, many times in Hollywood when you hear a bird of any kind make a screeching sound, it’s almost always a recording of a red tail hawk. Different regions will produce different variations of color and plumage of the red tail hawk. red2Red tail hawks also have very sharp talons and are know to use them to protect their nests when they are under attack. At one point many years ago red tail hawks where on the endangered species list. However thanks to great efforts, they have made a full recovery and are no longer on the list. If you would like to know more about red tail hawks, visit this site here for more detailed information.